facial profile

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fa·cial pro·file

1. the outline form of the face from a lateral view;
2. the sagittal outline form of the face.

fa·cial pro·file

(fāshăl prōfīl)
1. Outline form of face from a lateral view.
2. Sagittal outline form of face.

facial profile,

n the sagittal outline of the face. There are three distinct forms: mesognathic, prognathic, and retrognathic.
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The scientific theory which has been identified by dentists for aesthetic treatments lies in the fact that the growth of the nose affects the overall convexity of the facial profile.
Success in orthodontic practice is closely related to observable enhancement in the esthetic outcomes of the treatment, may therefore evaluating facial profile esthetics, both before and after treatment, is an integral part of the orthodontic treatment philosophy (Kiekens et al.
Research and practical experience shows that by reinforcing the strength of the jaw bone using dental implants to replace missing teeth the ageing process is arrested and facial profile and appearance preserved.
Their patent-pending Facial Recognition software allows users to upload any picture and within seconds extrapolates a facial profile that others can search for or be identified with.