zygapophysial joints

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zyg·a·po·phys·i·al joints

the synovial joints between zygapophyses or articular processes of the vertebrae.
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MR imaging of the lumbar spine: Prevalence of intervertebral disk extrusion and sequestration, nerve root compression, end plate abnormalities, and osteoarthritis of the facet joints in asymptomatic volunteers.
In the lumbar spine, the facet joints are oriented in the sagittal plane.
InSightec Ltd, the leader in MRI guided Focused Ultrasound therapy, has announced that its ExAblate systems have received an extended European CE Mark for the local treatment of cancerous and benign primary and secondary bone tumors, including but not limited to multiple myeloma, bone metastases, osteoid osteoma as well as facet joint back pain, The CE mark applies to the ExAblate 2000 and 2100 as well as the ExAblate 2100 Conformal Bone System.
The results provide a mechanical representation of the facet joint responses to high frequency vibration conditions and may be a basis for determining individuals who are at greater risk.
Most cases are associated with facet joint osteoarthritis and degenerative spondylolisthesis, but there is no correlation with age, gender, or degree of disc degeneration.
Furthermore, the cephalad screws of a pedicle screw plate or rod construct may cause mechanical compromise of the facet joint above the fused level.
Hoggard took part in a gym session and batted at the Premadasa Stadium yesterday but did not risk aggravating damaged facet joints in his back by turning the arm over.
Yorkshire's Hoggard will be assessed over the coming hours, having aggravated facet joints he first damaged last summer.
Yorkshire swing bowler Hoggard will be assessed today, having aggravated facet joints he first damaged last summer.
Hoggard, 30, sent down the first two overs with the new ball in the second session, but succumbed to the discomfort which has plagued him throughout the second innings -worryingly it was damaged facet joints in his back which caused him to miss last summer's Test series against India.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine showed erosive bone changes around the facet joints of the L5 and S1 vertebrae.
Secondary findings included a dental focus in the right maxilla and pronounced degenerative changes in the entire vertebral column; the degeneration was most pronounced in the costovertebral joints and in the facet joints of the lumbar spine.