zygapophysial joints

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zyg·a·po·phys·i·al joints

the synovial joints between zygapophyses or articular processes of the vertebrae.
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3,4 Despite its ease of application and better biomechanical stability, when compared with other techniques, the main risk remains that of violating the spinal nerve root, vertebral artery, and/or facet joint.
Facet joints play a major role in flexion, extension, and rotational movements of the spine.
Presence and extent of severe facet joint osteoarthritis are associated with back pain in older adults.
1,5) Although cervical facet joint infection is the least common site for pyogenic infection in the axial skeleton, several studies have helped elucidate a typical presentation.
If discomfort persists, your physician may consider corticosteroid injections into the joints to ease inflammation, and/or minimally invasive ablation of the nerves that surround the facet joints, in order to disrupt their ability to send pain signals.
Caption: Figure 3 PT gaping L4-L5 by lifting from underneath the vertebrae to make space in the facet joints on the right side.
If these muscles are strong, the discs, facet joints, and other structures will bear less weight and therefore undergo less wear and tear.
Doctors told him his facet joints were locked up and it could happen again, but only if they reoffend.
There are two facet joints in each spinal motion segment.
Forces intense hyperflexion and distraction can lead not only to thrust unilateral or bilateral facet joints, and the blade fracture, fracture of the spinous processes, and previously ruptured anterior longitudinal ligament, and especially rupture of the fibrous ring and disc extrusion intervertebral which may cause or aggravate an existing myelopathy (1,15,18,20).
At each segmental level of the lumbar spine, there are three joints: an intervertebral disc joint located anteriorly, and paired left and right facet joints located posteriorly.