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Subjective symptoms of ocular fatigue, discomfort, lacrimation, and headaches arising from use of the eyes.
Synonym(s): eyestrain
[G. astheneia, weakness, + ōps, eye]


/eye·strain/ (-strān) fatigue of the eye from overuse or from uncorrected defect in focus of the eye.


Pain and fatigue of the eyes, often accompanied by headache, resulting from prolonged use of the eyes, uncorrected defects of vision, or an imbalance of the eye muscles.


Term used to describe any symptoms associated with the use of the eyes. The causes of asthenopia are numerous: sustained near vision, either when the accommodation amplitude is low or hypermetropia is uncorrected (accommodative asthenopia), aniseikonia (aniseikonic a.), astigmatism (astigmatic a.), pain in the eye (asthenopia dolens), heterophoria (heterophoric a.), ocular inflammation (asthenopia irritans), hysteria (nervous a.), uncorrected presbyopia (presbyopic a.), improper illumination (photogenous a.) or retinal disease (retinal a.). Syn. eyestrain; near point stress (NPS) (although this term is restricted to any symptoms arising from near vision). See convergence excess; convergence insufficiency; divergence insufficiency; visual fatigue; ocular headache.
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In the past many workers have studied the incidence of convergence insufficiency in causing eyestrain and recently there have been various studies regarding VDTS, but all the causes of eyestrain have not been taken into account.
For example, there is currently debate and research regarding eyestrain due to computer use.
LG's New Full HD SMART Monitors Easier on the EyesNew W53 Series minimizes eyestrain with precise, automatic brightness control
Because of this, LG's W53 Smart monitors are packed with the world's first full suite of intelligent features that optimize the screen's brightness to reduce eyestrain.
Verilux, whose tagline is "the healthy lighting company" is focused on not only energy-efficient lighting, but on ones that reduce eyestrain and fatigue, thereby conserving the consumer's own energy.
Providing workers with bifocal eye protection prevents the hazardous practice of switching back and forth between their regular safety glasses and reading glasses to read instrumentation, work with small parts, or perform other tasks that could produce eyestrain.
Supreme black levels are balanced with an ergonomic brightness Level to create vivid images with fuLL color saturation to prevent eyestrain.
In addition, according to the company, this berries complex is 20-25% cheaper than bilberry products currently on the market, yet it still contains the anthocyanins necessary for reducing eyestrain and helping to preserve vision.
From setting the right temperature in the office to providing chairs with back support and lights that minimize eyestrain, CPA firms that attend to staff comfort and health are rewarded with greater productivity and job loyalty
He consults with corporations and trains other optometrists regarding computer-related eyestrain, which can lead to dry, itchy eyes, headaches and blurred vision.