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Subjective symptoms of ocular fatigue, discomfort, lacrimation, and headaches arising from use of the eyes.
Synonym(s): eyestrain
[G. astheneia, weakness, + ōps, eye]


/eye·strain/ (-strān) fatigue of the eye from overuse or from uncorrected defect in focus of the eye.


Pain and fatigue of the eyes, often accompanied by headache, resulting from prolonged use of the eyes, uncorrected defects of vision, or an imbalance of the eye muscles.


Term used to describe any symptoms associated with the use of the eyes. The causes of asthenopia are numerous: sustained near vision, either when the accommodation amplitude is low or hypermetropia is uncorrected (accommodative asthenopia), aniseikonia (aniseikonic a.), astigmatism (astigmatic a.), pain in the eye (asthenopia dolens), heterophoria (heterophoric a.), ocular inflammation (asthenopia irritans), hysteria (nervous a.), uncorrected presbyopia (presbyopic a.), improper illumination (photogenous a.) or retinal disease (retinal a.). Syn. eyestrain; near point stress (NPS) (although this term is restricted to any symptoms arising from near vision). See convergence excess; convergence insufficiency; divergence insufficiency; visual fatigue; ocular headache.
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LG conducted extensive research throughout Europe and Asia, and learned that one major complaint people had about their monitors was eyestrain from the screen being either too bright or too dark," said B.
This breaks up the intensive viewing habits that can cause eyestrain," he says.
But despite suffering from blinding headaches, eyestrain, problems with close-up and long-distance vision, one in ten adults say they have never visited an optician.
Designed to reduce eyestrain and help maintain healthy vision, Verilux's HappyEyes Deluxe series offers more control over brightness and light direction to help artists and crafters do what they love for longer.
The PM Series provides near-daylight color rendition, reducing eyestrain and fatigue.
The screens -- also known as visual display units (VDUs), monitors and display screens -- are often blamed for a variety of health problems such as headaches or eyestrain.
You'll end up with nothing but eyestrain and sore thumbs.
Combining various types of lighting helps avoid eyestrain.
This directs light evenly over work surfaces and helps eliminate computer glare and reflections, one of the biggest causes of employee eyestrain and fatigue.
For example, Samsung has been a leader in the field of computer monitors for 30 years, and now offers advanced flat-screen display products that save space on the desktop and reduce eyestrain.
PAP argues that trace levels of organic pollutants and possibly asbestos in paper pose serious danger to those handling and using paper, that eyestrain and possibly blindness due to chronic reading of newsprint has reached "epidemic" levels, and that small particles of dust from storing paper in homes and offices are a major source of respiratory problems.
In fact, for many users, it won't be the size of the text on the screen that induces eyestrain at all.