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A small smooth shell or other object that is inserted beneath the eyelid for the purpose of removing a foreign body clinically.
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The population of a state, city, or county is often used to control for its effect on policy adoption (Mintron and Sandra 1998, Eyestone 1977, Strang and Tuma 1993).
They are definitely still attracting interest in the market," Eyestone said, with many waiting to see how they develop.
On behalf of the entire Crossroads team, I wish to thank both David Riegel and Richard Eyestone for their immense contribution to Crossroads' ongoing growth and enhanced industry position," said Rob Sims, President and CEO of Crossroads Systems.
Lonely H is fronted by a booming voice, goldilocks behemoth Mark Fredson, and backed up by the Brothers Whitman (Eric on guitar and Johnny on bass) and drummer Ben Eyestone.
When we heard that Blue Cross was eliminating this line from their reimbursable list, we were shocked," stated Irene Eyestone, vice president, managed care sales and marketing for OrthoRehab and a member of the Alliance for Physical Rehabilitation.
Eyestone who will resign from the Audit Committee but will still continue serving as a member of the Board of Directors.
ARIZONA -- Kevin Curran, Ricky Eyestone, Bryan Martin, Gerald Massey, Robert Palmer, Ruben Quesada, B.
Ed Eyestone, two time Olympic Marathoner, has this to say about the Gleukos performance advantage:
Our intelligent golf clubs are the first ever developed with this advanced technology integrated into the shaft," said Dick Eyestone, SmartSwing's chief executive officer.
Club fitters have been purchasing our application since last fall when they first realized that the data collected through our technology could be used to help them instantly acquire data and better understand a golfer's swing," said CEO and founder Dick Eyestone.
Scott Eyestone contacted the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) to talk about further applications of the technology.