eyeglass frame

frame, eyeglass

1. Synonym for spectacles. 2. Synonym for rimless spectacles.
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While the sale will charge the standard price for Google Glass Explorer headsets, 1,500 dollars, it will also give away free sunglasses shade or eyeglass frame, the report added.
The two assistants are being trained to help with eyeglass frame fitting, a service the POW optometry clinic hasn't been able to offer in the past unless someone from the Sitka optometry clinic was in town.
They offer Jewelry & watch repair services, ear piercing, pearl restringing, engraving, appraisals, eyeglass frame repair, consignment, & estate jewelry.
Made of low-glare plastic, they are nonperforated for solid protection and are designed to slide or clip onto any eyeglass frame.
Monocle, 1998, is half an eyeglass frame, a single lens with the arms extending back on either side, as if the head of its wearer were only a couple of inches wide.
Under the agreement, Zyloware, the oldest, family-owned and operated eyeglass frame supplier in the United States, will act as the exclusive distributor of Cilea Lash to the entire optical and eyeglass industry.
To help keep the changing perspectives realistic, a CAVE user wears an eyeglass frame fitted with an electromagnetic or ultrasonic tracking device.
Among life's minor irritants is finding that one of the tiny screws holding together an eyeglass frame has worked its way out of its assigned place at an inopportune moment -- in a darkened movie theater, at a cocktail party or on the tennis court.
Formerly used for eyeglass frame manufacturing, assembly and distribution, the Petersburg property is being aggressively marketed to medical product manufacturing, R&D, computer and electronic products, electrical equipment and component manufacturing industries, and Global 500 companies.
The high-tech center is also equipped with ZoomText, which enlarges letters on the computer screen; Dragon Dictate, which allows a computer to be operated by voice recognition; and Head Mouse, a special eyeglass frame that enables those with only neck movement to use a computer.