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a liquid medicine that is administered by allowing it to fall in drops onto the conjunctival surface.
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Eyedrop administration


Any medicinal substance dropped in liquid form onto the conjunctiva.

In applying eyedrops, the head should be held back; the drops will not pass from under the upper lid to under the lower lid or vice versa. The smaller the eyedrops, the better. Too much liquid in the eye causes the patient to blink, and the medication is then washed away by the increased lacrimal secretion.


Many medicines are not absorbed from the conjunctiva; they may be readily absorbed from the nasolacrimal duct. For this reason, esp. in children, it is advisable to close off the duct by applying pressure to the inner canthus of the eye for a few minutes after each instillation.
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Patient discussion about eyedrops

Q. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and she told me that Visine was not very good for my eyes. Why is that? I like to use a few drops every other day to make me feel fresh and remove the redness from my eyes. Do you know if I need to watch out or use another product?

A. try refresh its like your own tears,REFRESH eye drops

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5%, compared with a decline of 4% in the control subjects who received no eyedrops.
5 billion yen in damages, mainly due to the cost of recalling all its eyedrops and disposing of them.
Buccellato concluded, "In addition to investigational studies using our antibodies in the form of eyedrops in Corneal Transplant Rejection and now Uveitis, we are also in the preliminary planning stages of a study in another acute ocular disease using antibodies to interferon-gamma.
REVENGE: Steward spat in rude Christina's drink; DARING: Giving the pilot a flash - or putting off stewardesses doing safety demos; TREAT: Sex in the crew's rest area; TRICK: Eyedrops in drinks are a laxative; SMILES: Stars of Sky's Mile High series
Rohto, the nation's largest manufacturer of nonprescription eyedrops, said the first letter, along with a bottle of doctored eyedrops, was delivered to the company's president by mail on Aug.
To get a healthy sparkle in the eyes, first use Eye Dew Blue Eyedrops.
has received blackmail letters accompanied by samples of its eyedrops products contaminated with an alien substance.
A majority of the 10 million Americans whose incurable dry eye syndromes make them feel like their eyeballs are rolling around the Sahara Desert might get relief from daily eyedrops of male hormones, research suggests.
Zaffaroni's innovations began with his recognition of the shortcomings of conventional drug dosage forms -- ordinary pills, tablets, capsules, injections, and eyedrops -- that release drug rapidly into the body, causing peaks and valleys in drug concentration.
When standard treatments had no therapeutic effect, these treatments were stopped and the Company's antibodies were administered as eyedrops.
The aim of your treatment is to lower the pressure inside your eyes to safe limits and prevent further visual loss, eyedrops are usually the first line of treatment.
Before you begin with the cosmetics, apply a couple of eyedrops for a wide awake look.