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n.pl water-based solutions, which may contain herbal decoctions, for use in irrigating the eyes. The solutions should always be sterile to avoid infection.
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Craig Yates, managing director of Showers & Eyebaths said: "In very hot countries, where the water supply is exposed to extreme heat, the water would be heated naturally by the sun to a dangerously high temperature and then cooled as the sun goes down.
WELL DONE: Staff from Showers & Eyebaths Services celebrate the good news A MERSEYSIDE firm has won a pounds 280,000 contract to supply emergency shower units on the world's largest oil field.
Decontamination experts Showers & Eyebaths Services, based in St Helens, will supply specialist equipment for the Kashagan Field Development Project in Kazakhstan.
MERSEYSIDE firm Showers & Eyebaths Services has won a contract to supply emergency safety showers and eyebaths, including two self-contained industrial arctic tank showers, for USAbased Fluor Intercontinental.
SHOWERS & Eyebaths, based in St Helens, has devised a decontamination shower for use by oil and chemical tankers.
T h e y a r e R a i n f o r d - b a s e d Showers and Eyebaths Services and Abacus Automation, from Neston.