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n.pl water-based solutions, which may contain herbal decoctions, for use in irrigating the eyes. The solutions should always be sterile to avoid infection.
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Craig Yates, Showers & Eyebaths managing director, said: "Despite the economic downturn our exports have been increasing steadily and the outlook for 2010 is looking very healthy for the company.
Craig Yates, managing director of Showers & Eyebaths Services said: "Going for cheap is not necessarily going to be economical in the long term and can mean the difference between life and death.
However, when it comes to the safety of personnel, just installing the correct piece of equipment is not enough, says Craig Yates, managing director of Showers and Eyebaths Services.
She spoke to managers from five Merseyside companies, including Speke pharmaceutical machines manufacturer Powder Systems and Rainford company Showers and Eyebaths, as well as representatives from Liverpool John Moores university IT specialists ICDC during her visit to the city.
In order to solve this problem, Showers & Eyebaths Services Ltd has introduced a unit which provides a viable and effective non-chemical water treatment.
Craig Yates, managing director of Showers & Eyebaths said: "In very hot countries, where the water supply is exposed to extreme heat, the water would be heated naturally by the sun to a dangerously high temperature and then cooled as the sun goes down.
WELL DONE: Staff from Showers & Eyebaths Services celebrate the good news A MERSEYSIDE firm has won a pounds 280,000 contract to supply emergency shower units on the world's largest oil field.
Decontamination experts Showers & Eyebaths Services, based in St Helens, will supply specialist equipment for the Kashagan Field Development Project in Kazakhstan.
The showers and eyebaths will be made available for workers who could find chemicals spilled on them.
MERSEYSIDE firm Showers & Eyebaths Services has won a contract to supply emergency safety showers and eyebaths, including two self-contained industrial arctic tank showers, for USAbased Fluor Intercontinental.
SHOWERS & Eyebaths, based in St Helens, has devised a decontamination shower for use by oil and chemical tankers.
T h e y a r e R a i n f o r d - b a s e d Showers and Eyebaths Services and Abacus Automation, from Neston.