eye-hand coordination

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vis·u·al-mo·tor con·trol

(vizh'ū-ăl-mō'tŏr kŏn-trōl')
Use of visual information to perform smooth, coordinated, and precise movements.
Synonym(s): eye-hand coordination, visual motor coordination.

eye-hand coordination

The ability to identify objects by sight and touch, and to grasp, push, pull, or direct their movement with the hand. is the coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement, and the processing of visual input to guide reaching and grasping along with the use of proprioception of the hands to guide the eyes.

Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the vision system to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands in the accomplishment of a given task, such as handwriting or catching a ball.

Synonym: hand-eye coordination
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Along with adding to the trove of research that shows these games can improve eye-hand coordination and reaction time, this finding shows the potential for novel virtual approaches to helping people who lose memory as they age or suffer from dementia, said the study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.
Positioning a video display lower and at an angle so that both image and hands are within the operator's peripheral vision during the procedure is crucial to improving eye-hand coordination and simplifying videoscopic procedures.
PlanetPals Floor Puzzle (Ceaco) This 24-piece floor puzzle has big, chunky pieces that teach eye-hand coordination and pattern matching especially for younger children.
Recognition develops motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
Playing golf requires a range of visual skills, including eye-hand coordination, speed and accuracy of eye movements, focusing, depth perception, judgment of location, and reading contours.
For older infants, there's a variety of Chicco products including the Butterfly Spinner, which introduces the concept of cause and effect and helps build eye-hand coordination and visual skills, and the Animal Cottage, a shape sorting game.
Any activity requiring depth perception or eye-hand coordination such as catching a football like superstar wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, making that 3 pointer in a basketball game, driving, riding a bike or even pouring milk on cereal can be affected if you have problems seeing 3D.
Revolutionary hitting aid designed to improve eye-hand coordination and hone batting skills
A flat-surfaced, easy-clean "membrane" keyboard with large, brightly colored keys makes it easy for small fingers to choose buttons and for developing hands to learn the eye-hand coordination required to operate computers.
The controllers will be used by injured Marines and sailors who need to work on regaining their eye-hand coordination," said Jerry Johnson, the Legion's representative at the hospital.
Designed for easy use by young children just developing eye-hand coordination, Elmo's 123s provides valuable and fun activities such as "Beam That Number" and "Sum Up, Sum Down" that enhance number recognition and help children comprehend simple addition and subtraction concepts.
These technology based systems are designed to teach cognitive, reading and writing skills, including language, creativity, logic, communication skills, eye-hand coordination, multi-sensory abilities, musical abilities, reading comprehension, creative writing, interpersonal skills and much more.