eye wash station

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eye wash sta·tion

(ī wawsh stāshŭn)
A unit that attaches to a water supply and provides a gentle stream of water; used for emergency irrigation to remove contaminants from the ocular area.

eye wash station,

n a cleansing receptacle set apart for the purpose of emergencies in which the eyes must be quickly flushed with water.
eyeglass, postmydriatic
n a disposable protective eyewear made of pliable plastic material, handed out by ophthalmologists to patients whose pupils have been dilated during a mydriatic examination.
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Make sure there are no physical obstructions that would prevent you from placing your eyes over the eye wash station eye caps.
Recommendation: Order NSN 9905-01-345-4521, install at the eye wash station and eye wash bottles at the secondary sample sink and nucleonics.
Over the past year, 22 of 42 eye wash stations were not operable, accessible, could not flush both eyes simultaneously or deliver 0.
If a permanent eye wash station requires removal or securing for various reasons, ensure an alternate means of emergency eye wash is available (e.
Are approved eye wash bottles readily available, in sufficient quantities in lieu of permanent or portable eye wash stations in nucleonics/water chemistry and secondary analysis stations?
Eye wash stations and personal eye wash bottle locations were not distinctly marked with a highly visible sign (white on green background, NSN 9905-01345-4521).
The heavily insulated trailers include everything from eye wash stations to emergency showers and have remote GPS monitoring capabilities to track location and water temperatures.
TSgt Doggett also identified the need to assign building custodians for the unit's three new tents and assisted in bringing the squadron facilities into compliance by procuring smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and eye wash stations and conducting clamshell door operation training.
Establishing weekly/monthly inspections of the eye wash stations, emergency lighting, the sprinkler system, job cranes and fire extinguishers.