eye shield

shield, eye 

1. See occluder.
2. A protecting screen against injury or light (Fig. S6). See goggles; industrial spectacles.
Fig. S6 Spectacles with protective shieldenlarge picture
Fig. S6 Spectacles with protective shield
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Limited Tenders are invited forColoured Glass for Welding Tinted Weld Eye Shield 4.
Officers will also be issued with surgical masks with an inbuilt eye shield similar to those worn by dentists.
In all cases, the physician wore a disposable three-ply polypropylene face mask with a plastic protective eye shield that included side flaps (Fluidshield Surgical Face Mask with wraparound Splashguard Visor; Kimberley-Clark).
Menasha received an excellence award in the carton competition's Innovation category for its TIDI Tower[TM] (for the TIDIShield Grab 'n Go[TM] Eye Shield Dispensing System by TIDI Products).
It is better to use protective eye shield to the eye during travel and during sleep.
The IFAK II contains all the supplies of the old kit with the addition of a second tourniquet, a tactical combat casualty card to annotate what kind of first aid was applied to a wounded Soldier, a marker, an eye shield, a rubber seal with a valve for sucking chest wounds, and a strap cutter.
Brown said the infection was spotted after her victory in the Grade 1 Flower Bowl Invitational and he has adopted the eye shield in her exercise this week, including for a workout on the turf at Belmont on Thursday.
You should wear an eye shield or eyeglasses to help protect your eye.
When performing an aerosol generating procedure, healthcare workers should wear a gown, gloves, eye shield and N-95 respirator.
4 eye shield, ESS has introduced what it terms its Asian-fit goggle series, with a Low Profile and a Striker (vehicle ops goggle shown) variant leading off production.
All healthcare workers working in SARS wards followed the same infection control measures, wearing a N-95 respirator, eye shield, disposable cap, water-resistant gown, and gloves.