ophthalmic ointment

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oph·thal·mic oint·ment

a special ointment for application to the eye that must be free from particles and must be nonirritating to the eye.
Synonym(s): eye ointment, oculentum
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Antibiotics, antiviral drugs or medication to modulate the immune system may also help control the infection, while eye ointment may also be prescribed.
THE MEDICINES and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a drug alert notice for Zovirax Eye Ointment (Aciclovir 3%).
When complete eye closure is not possible, the patient should use artificial tears while awake, use lubricant eye ointment at night, and cover the affected eye during sleep to prevent exposure keratopathy.
The drug Cymbalta, for depression, Lyrica, for pain relief and Chloromycetin Eye Ointment, among others, have been listed as the latest to see supply levels drop.
Consequently, the domestic market is now-a days facing a shortage of some medicines like Thyroxine Tablet, Vancocin injection, Cardarone Tablet, Inderal Tablet, Benadryl syrup, Xanax Tablet, Lexotanil Tablet, Ativan Tablet, Betnesol N drops, Betnesol Tablet, Polyfax eye ointment, Hydryllin DM syrup and Arinac Tablet, he further added.
She initially presented to a secondary level hospital with a mildly-red, irritated right eye and had been treated with chloramphenicol eye ointment.
Ointment T he men h a v e a l s o requested food, toothbrushes and eye ointment.
Prescribe chloramphenicol eye ointment twice daily and add a five-day course of an antibiotic if the symptoms are not resolved.
MILD, infectious conjunctivitis can be treated with eye ointment, drops or lotion from your pharmacy.
But by the end of the 25th, I had piled up next to me a trio of gift boxes containing things such as facial scrub, deep cleansing moisturiser and revitalising eye ointment.