exudative retinal detachment

ex·u·da·tive ret·i·nal de·tach·ment

detachment of the retina without retinal breaks, arising from inflammatory disease of choroid, retinal tumors, and retinal angiomatosis.
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Nonetheless, exudative retinal detachment as the sole presentation of relapsing ALL in the absence of concomitant central nervous system and/or bone marrow relapse is unusual, and only 3 such cases have been reported (9-11).
Patients have pain, proptosis, loss of vision, restricted eye movements, disc swelling and even exudative retinal detachment.
Her right eye was following a parallel course, with advanced vision loss due to an enlarging exudative retinal detachment caused by wet AMD.
3) found evidence of retinal hemorrhage, macular edema, cotton wool spots, retinal vasculitis, exudative retinal detachment, and anterior uveitis.
Originally thought of as two separate entities, Vogt-Koyanagi disease (with severe anterior uveitis, frequent vitiligo, and poliosis) and Harada's disease (with bilateral severe posterior uveitis, exudative retinal detachment, and slight anterior uveitis), these disorders are now thought to be a spectrum of one disease because they share clinical characteristics.
Ophthalmologic findings include macular edema and blot hemorrhages (10), cotton wool spots (1), retinal vasculitis (4), exudative retinal detachment (2), and anterior uveitis (1).
2,3) Posterior segment manifestations include central serous retinopathy, uveitis, choroiditis, exudative retinal detachment, ischemic optic neuropathy, neuroretinitis, and vasculitis.
End-stage disease is characterised by exudative retinal detachment and retro-lental mass.
Hacmangioma appears as a red- orange, round shaped lesion and in some cases it may enlarge and produce visual loss due to Tetinal complications such as exudative retinal detachment, opi-rotinal membrane and vitreous haemorrhages.
If an exudative retinal detachment is present the patient may reach a retinal surgeon before the diagnosis has been made.
Exudative retinal detachment may be seen in up to 50% of patients with SturgeWeber syndrome and diffuse choroidal haemangioma.
A choroidal tumour can cause an exudative retinal detachment.