extrinsic muscles

ex·trin·sic mus·cles

muscles that arise outside of, but act on, the structure under consideration. For example, those muscles operating the hand but having fleshy bellies located in the forearm.
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Agility pattern (rapid Rapid adjustments on TA/CT activation balance wide pitch changes) needed; some adjustments in LCA/IA/PCA may be needed as well; rapid adjustments in subglottic pressure needed; consistent function of extrinsic muscles needed for maintaining a stable laryngeal position.
Lesser toe deformities are caused by alterations in normal anatomy, which create an imbalance between the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the foot.
25], who evaluated 25 teachers and reported a relationship between hypertrophy of the laryngeal extrinsic muscles, postural deviations, and vocal dysfunction; the muscles most affected by hypertension were the sternocleidomastoid and geniohyoid muscles, which are associated with cranio-cervical postural changes and hyoid elevation; this demonstrates that a correct and upright posture influences adequate articulation.
They use intrinsic muscles of the hand and extrinsic muscles of the forearm to grip a baseball.
Although the calves are the largest muscle group acting on the ankle joint when the foot is pointed, it's the underused intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the feet that need to be engaged in order to access your full range of motion.
Are the extrinsic muscles of the airbladder in some Siluroidae, and the elastic spring apparatus of others subordinate to the voluntary production of sounds?
Stability to the joint during activity is provided primarily by the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the thumb.
Tendonitis is often seen in the extrinsic muscles of the wrist consisting of the wrist flexors and extensors.
Abnormal morphology due to paralysis of intrinsic and/or extrinsic muscles of the foot is an important risk factor for plantar ulceration.
The median innervated intrinsic muscles and all extrinsic muscles were not affected.
Foot inversion/eversion and ankle dorsi/plantar flexion strengthening exercises targeting the extrinsic muscles of the lower leg progressed using increasingly resistive Theraband tubing to reduce muscular imbalance and increase mechanical stability.