Outside of the oral cavity; external to the oral cavity. In its usual use it also includes anything external to the lips and cheeks.


Outside of the oral cavity; external to the oral cavity.


adj literally, outside the oral cavity. See also anchorage, extraoral.
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The extraoral examination was normal, and regional lymph nodes were nonpalpable.
It holds more than 500 patents and offers a line of 2D and 3D extraoral imaging and intraoral imaging equipment and related software that is complemented by the company's dental practice management software services, which manage all aspects of a dental practice from patient check-in to creation of digital patient records and image management.
Minimal facial asymmetry was observed on the right side during extraoral examination.
On extraoral examination, signs of swelling and lacerations on the anterior maxillary region were evident.
Extraoral examination revealed a well-defined swelling of approximately 1 inch in diameter at 1 cm anterior to the right mandibular angle region.
The treatment option is surgical and intraoral or extraoral approaches can be performed according to the localization and size of the mass.
His extraoral examination revealed that he had a dolichocephalic facial type with a convex profile, protrusive lower lip, and inconsistent lip closure with mental muscle hyperactivity (Figure 1a-h).
Extraoral exam showed slight sinking of the cheeks.
Se confecciona dispositivo fijo intraoral con tornillo tipo Hyrax, anclado en los molares con bandas superiores en temporales 55 y 65, que se cambian por a una ferula MacNamara soldada a ganchos de traccion extraoral para la mascara facial con 2 elasticos de 1/4 3.
By product-type, extraoral X-ray system will continue to dominate the market; however, the cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging product is likely to register rapid growth in terms of value and reach US$ 395.
Attendees can look forward to training sessions and talks on all aspects of digital dentistry, including CEREC, extraoral and intraoral imaging, implantology, orthodontics, endodontics, restorative, hygiene and laboratory as well as practice design and management.