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In Korea, extramarital affairs are no longer illegal, after the Constitutional Court in 2015 ruled the anti-adultery law unconstitutional.
The study draws the conclusion that women who have a high sex drive and indulge in extramarital affairs have a lot more energy.
But now that they have generally admitted their philandering ways, shouldn't lawmakers finally acknowledge the need for a divorce law to release them from the dysfunctional marriages that set them on their search for extramarital bliss in the first place?
Extramarital affairs rank as the least morally acceptable activity on this list, with 10% saying they are acceptable versus 88% saying they are not.
Developments and new approaches in family law that are relevant to our discussion include matters such as: divorce without fault but by demand--a relationship terminable at-will; removal of fault as a relevant factor in divorce proceedings; modern theoretical bases for joint property such as the values of labor, reward for work, morality and equality; societal perceptions of the family unit; the realization that the no-fault divorce revolution was detrimental to the family unit; disappointment in tort law as a means for responding to harm resulting from extramarital relationships, and more.
Petraeus says he showed extremely poor judgement by engaging in an extramarital affair.
Petraeus resigned Friday, citing an extramarital affair and "extremely poor judgment".
Petraeus said in a message to the CIA workforce that he was resigning because of an extramarital affair.
Military justice considers an extramarital affair grounds for court-martial.
In a message to the CIA workforce he said: "After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair.
Although a five-country HIV and STI prevention intervention trial showed no overall reductions in STI acquisition or unprotected extramarital sex, a subanalysis of data from the China site suggests that the intervention's efficacy may have been masked by the inclusion of many participants with low-to-moderate behavioral risks.
Premarital, marital & extramarital sexual behaviors are directly attributed to sexual health knowledge & practices.