extracellular fluid volume

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ex·tra·cel·lu·lar flu·id vol·ume (ECFV),

the fraction of body water not in cells, about 20% of body weight; it consists of plasma water (about 4% of body weight), water between cells (interstitial water-lymph, about 15% of body weight), and water in dense bone and connective tissue (about 1% of body weight).
See also: intracellular fluid.
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The increased extracellular fluid volume caused by sodium and water retention generates oedema.
Outline the normal regulation of cardiac output and extracellular fluid volume.
Using limb circumference and voltage electrode separation measurements in an accepted geometric model, we converted the data to extracellular fluid volume [26].
In this study, we defined "residual-limb fluid volume change" as the extracellular fluid volume change measured using the multifrequency bioimpedance analysis system.
We then converted the data to extracellular fluid volume using the limb-circumference and segment-length measurements in a well accepted geometric limb model [24], and then expressed it as a percentage of the extracellular fluid volume measured at the end of the initial 2 min sit interval with the prosthesis donned.
Residual limb extracellular fluid volume was measured with use of bioimpedance analysis.
In this article, only extracellular fluid volume data are presented.

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