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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and x-ray studies in 2004 were interpreted as pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) involving the right hip with extraarticular extension into the pelvis (Figure 1).
3], whereas patient RA2 (female, age 58 years, disease duration of 8 months) had no extraarticular organ involvement (DAS28 4.
The efficacy of plasmapheresis or leukocytapheresis for articular and extraarticular manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis.
1) The clinical signs of the disease can range from mild stiffness to a totally fused spine and may include any combination of severe bilateral hip involvement, peripheral arthritis, or extraarticular manifestations.
He had no history of peripheral joint involvement, uveitis, other extraarticular features, or trauma.
The extraarticular involvement may involve the skin, the eye, the larynx, and the pulmonary, cardiovascular, hematologic, renal, neurologic, and lymphatic systems.
Renal dysfunction in the RA population has been attributed to extraarticular manifestations, NSAID use, and chronic inflammation.
Eosinophilia is frequently observed in a subgroup of patients with RA who exhibit extraarticular disease manifestations like subcutaneous nodules, vasculitis, pleural/pericardial involvement, or pulmonary fibrosis.
Impingement can be extraarticular between the greater trochanter and the pelvis.
Although rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is primarily an articular disease, it also has myriad extraarticular manifestations, some of which are associated with increased morbidity and mortality.
Extraarticular manifestations in Turkish patients with rheumatoid arthritis: impact of EAMs on the health-related quality of life in terms of disease activity, functional status, severity of pain, and social and emotional functioning.
Malunion should be categorized as either extraarticular or intra-articular, because treatment may differ.