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However, until now, tests showed that most systems are able only to suppress fires--not extinguish them.
By using the dam area firefighters can extinguish the tyre flock fire more quickly by immersing larger quantities of the burning material.
KUWAIT, Oct 28 (KUNA) -- Chairman and Managing Director of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Sami Al-Rasheed said here on Sunday that work is still ongoing to extinguish a blazing oil well in Rawdtain, north of the country.
Fire crews were called out to extinguish the blaze shortly before 3.
This will automatically extinguish and inhibit combustion while remaining safe for humans.
Allowing the FTB to extinguish certain inactive taxpayer debts;
Roger Thomas, group manager with Mid and West Wales Fire Service, said: "The fire is unique in Wales and the only way to extinguish it is to drag out the waste in sections, immerse it in water until the fire is extinguished and then transport it away.
Firefighters moved in to extinguish the adjoining cargo trailer when it caught fire, then moved a fire engine into the neighboring field and, from about 250 feet away, sprayed water from a mounted nozzle onto the flames.
He said that TMA, fire brigade and 1122 staff is busy to extinguish the fire but the fire is burning on the top of mountains and they do not have sufficient pipes and other resources to reach the spot.
The ongoing efforts to extinguish the raging wildfire in Bulgaria's Vitosha Mountain are very badly organized, volunteers have alarmed.
76 defines when a liability is considered extinguished for accounting purposes and does not provide for extinguishment when the debt issuer has made a unilateral commitment to extinguish it in a subsequent period.
SIDON, Lebanon: The Lebanese Army and the local firefighting brigade in Sidon struggled to extinguish a fire that broke out Wednesday morning in a huge waste dump, shooting fumes and smoke into the air.