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acting internship

A clinical rotation undertaken in a specific area of medicine—e.g., cardiology, infectious disease, emergency medicine—by a 4th-year medical student, which often indicates the student’s specialty interest.


Acting internship, see there.


(eks'tern?) [L. externus, outside]
A nonresident physician or medical student who assists in the medical and surgical care of patients. externship
See: intern


holding the position of an extern.
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242) See infra text accompanying notes 247-63 (discussing variations among the states in their regulation of externship training).
While such programs appear to be beneficial, no studies have reported the actual outcomes of nursing externship programs as they affect the professional beliefs, values, and assumptions of participants.
70) Up to twenty-four selected University of New Hampshire students per year may bypass the traditional bar exam by enrolling in a minimum of twenty-three upper-level, practice-based, experiential course credits targeted at the MacCrate Report skills and values, including a minimum of six clinic or externship credits.
Law students should not graduate having never done any authentic legal work, and Bowen already has the capacity for all of its students to have at least one clinical or externship experience.
Most recently, this summer, I spent two weeks in Ethiopia evaluating the Ethiopian law externship program.
Valencia was studying dental assisting and was a few weeks from starting her externship and graduating from the Dental Assistant Program at Vatterott College, which is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.
The opportunity came as part of the college's expanding externship programme which provides students with placements at top national, regional and international legal companies and institutions to gain hands-on training in diverse areas of the legal sector.
The findings suggest that the summer geriatric externship program is effective in developing interest in a geriatric nursing career and providing exposure to nursing research and other aspects of the faculty role.
There are several summer externship programs for teachers, such as the two-week program offered by the Houston A+ Challenge.
Contributors have transformed their conference presentations into 21 essays that give ideas for incorporating issues of race, gender, sexual identity, nationality, disability, and poverty into the law school curriculum, both inside the classroom as well as in clinical and externship settings, study abroad, and social activism.
The Interior Design program includes both a mandatory externship course and a study tour experience.