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A recent large study reported on 238 patients who underwent open pyeloplasty drained with preoperative nephrostomy tube, no stent, an externalized feeding tube brought through the renal pelvis and DJ stent with nephrostomy tube.
Accelrys' depth of experience in scientific research; long-term vision of the solutions needed to address today's collaboration challenges; and strong track record of partnering with customers make ScienceCloud the ideal solution for the new frontier of externalized collaborative research.
Doing things the same way they were done internally will not work in an externalized world.
Several points are noteworthy on the results: First, there are much more students referred for internalized problems then for externalized problems (see Tables 1, 3 and 4).
The study's phase-one results found that externalized conductors occurred in 9.
As organizations struggle to manage their growing externalized research networks, Sanofi's SHERPA service exemplifies the kind of creative approach companies can take to enhance collaboration and optimize their R&D efforts," said Leif Pedersen, Accelrys' senior vice president of marketing, product management and corporate development.
AX-IN = internalized anger, AX-OUT = externalized anger.
Product data and rules must be externalized in a solution like ProductAuthority where they can be exposed as Web Services and enable legacy systems to easily adapt to constantly changing products.
Out of the box integration with Microsoft Excel: Delivers simple drag and dropping of externalized data sources directly into Excel for the creation of "live" workbooks.
Ketabchi will address how this set of rules can be externalized and defined to be easily changed without needing to change the process application.
After interviewing and surveying hundreds of IT and business leaders regarding business, social and technology trends across the next five years, CEB, a leading research and advisory services company, predicts that three out of every four IT roles will either migrate to business services, evolve into business roles, or will be externalized by 2015.
Along the same lines, PARFIP LEASE wanted an automated and externalized solution for sending business documents by mail and by fax.