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tr.v. external·ized, external·izing, external·izes
To project or attribute (inner conflicts or feelings) to external circumstances or causes.

ex·ter′nal·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


1. In surgery, to provide exposure to the outside.
2. In psychiatry, to direct one's inner conflicts to the outside rather than keeping them hidden inside.


Patient discussion about externalize

Q. Can I catch pneumonia, if I go outside with wet hair? My Mother used to tell me when I was a kid that if I go outside with wet hair, I will catch pneumonia. Is this true?

A. Are you seiously, Ann? I mean, I'm sure y're wet hair make Pneumonia?...I sorry this is not true.

Q. Is it possible to show external symptoms with a food allergy? The research I've done only mentions irritation of the throat and mouth, wheezing, etc. But is it possible to develop hives and itching on your back, arms, legs, but not have any irritation in your throat, mouth, etc, when you're affected by a food allergy, such as soy? Also, is it possibly a food allergy if the hives take a long time to go away, maybe a day or two?

A. Yes, it is possible. This exact same thing happens to me when I eat avocado products.
My skin whelps up, turn's red and itches like nothing else...
I hope that this helps and good luck with your allergies!

Q. i'm 21 years old, and my penis outer skin covers the shaft. Is it natural to have like that? from my young age the outer skin of my penis covers my shaft, and only a little of the tip is exposed even if i try to pull the skin upwards. Is it natural to have it like that? I've seen in all porn movies and other sex videos that for all those guys the outer skin can be pulled up half the way. Will this affect my sex life?

A. i went through that link. But still i'm not clear. The flash video shown over there is different from what I can see with my penis. In the video the foreskin can be pulled a long way, and the head of the penis is fully exposed. But this doesn't happen with me. Even at erect stage, my head is exposed only a little bit( like in the first part of first picture ). Can someone give more info?

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At first, we were only looking to externalize the sending of client invoices.
Multi-Data Source Integration: Integrate and externalize a company's existing data from multiple formats and platforms, including raw data files, whether or not an API already exists.
It was hard work to externalize and examine the meanings I placed on dog-and-chicken conflicts so that as a researcher I was finally able to understand the meanings these same events held for our Moroccan neighbors.
The following is a case illustrating a clinical application of using puppets with children to externalize the problem.
Mobile Complete gives them the option to externalize management," continued Syed, "so they no longer have to worry about logistics, space, or any other issues.
Inspired by neon advertising signage, the shapeless garment externalizes the body's circuitry and acts as a transformative, all-consuming costume.
Tango's melancholy, nostalgic sound externalizes the pain of the immigrant's isolation, he says, and its stylized aggression suggests a subliminal death wish more than sexual passion.
Metalogix StoragePoint is the leading Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) product that externalizes SharePoint content to improve overall TCO, boost speed and simplify backup.
Similarly, in "Empty Bed Blues," Bessie Smith externalizes, objectifies, and embodies feelings of loneliness and abandonment in the image of an empty bed: