tibial torsion

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the act of twisting; the state of being twisted. adj., adj tor´sive.
Testicular torsion. From Copstead and Banasik, 2000.
tibial torsion inward twisting of the tibia so that the foot turns inward.

tibial torsion

Etymology: L, tibia + torquere, to twist
a lateral or a medial twisting rotation of the tibia on its longitudinal axis. It is similar to pronation of the hand, caused by the contraction of the pronator teres and the pronator quadratus, or supination of the hand caused by the contraction of the supinator muscle. Compare femoral torsion.
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Internal tibial torsion

tib·i·al tor·sion

(tib'ē-ăl tōr'shŭn)
A congenital twisting of the tibia.

tibial torsion

; external tibial torsion excess external tibial rotation during growth/development creating a malleolar axis >15° from frontal plane, and >8° from transverse plane; causes rearfoot inversion, due to altered orientation of body of talus within ankle joint mortise
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Orthopaedic problems for each neurological level Level % Deformity Thoracic (paraplegic) 23 Scoliosis Kyphosis Equinus Mid-lumbar (L3,4) 30 Hip dislocation Internal and external tibial torsion Clubfoot Congenital vertical talus Ankle and hindfoot valgus Low lumbar/calcaneus (L5) 17 Calcaneus Ankle valgus Hindfoot valgus Sacral/'normal' (S1) 30 Cavovarus foot
Genu valgum, tibia vara isolated to the proximal tibia (referred to as bayonet tibia), and external tibial torsion shift the tibial tubercle laterally.

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