external surface

ex·ter·nal sur·face

the outer convex surface of either the frontal or the parietal bone.
Synonym(s): facies externa [TA]
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Where there is cunning but not energy, dissimulation, falsehood, a thousand schemes and tricks are put in play to evade the necessity of application; in short, to the tutor, female youth, female charms are like tapestry hangings, of which the wrong side is continually turned towards him; and even when he sees the smooth, neat external surface he so well knows what knots, long stitches, and jagged ends are behind that he has scarce a temptation to admire too fondly the seemly forms and bright colours exposed to general view.
Under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015(external link), strata building windows must have child-proof locks: where the internal floor is more than two metres above the external surface outside and within a child's reach (less than 1.
Emerging leaves and external surface of fruits are more susceptible to pustules and raised scabs.
It can be supplied with an internal and external surface finish of Ra 5.
Wet thin cotton cloth was pasted on the external surface of individual skull bones.
Its external surface is a timber and steel hybrid frame, including timber cladding which is a 100% sustainable material.
The rubber baffled design on the external surface of the flinger enhances the removal of liquid as it rotates, while the grease chambers on the internal surface of the flinger prevent lubricant from exiting the bearing.
Available in sizes from 80 mm x 59 mm x 31 mm to 160 mm x 104 mm x 55 mm (will accept a standard 160 mm x 100 mm Eurocard), the enclosures' end panels are available with or without integral flanges that enable the enclosure to be mounted to an external surface.
The teenager had slid down the external surface of the spiral, tubular slide and fell from a height of about nine feet.
She was cleaning the indoor children's play equipment in the pub's Fun Factory when she injured her back by sliding down the external surface of a spiral, tubular slide and falling to the floor.
Advice includes oiling the external surface of eggs to block their pores to water-born bacteria; storing eggs at below 8[degrees]C, and keeping them at this temperature; using UV-light to kill micro-organisms; and prompt thorough drying of eggs after washing, and prior to packing, to avoid mould growth.
The external surface of the glazed units incorporate thousands of solar energy absorbing tiles that act as individual solar panels, absorbing solar energy and converting it into electricity for the building.

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