external radiation therapy

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external radiation therapy (ERT)

the therapeutic application of ionizing radiation from an external beam of a kilovoltage radiographic machine; a megavoltage cobalt 60 machine; or a supervoltage linear accelerator, cyclotron, or betatron. ERT is used most frequently in the treatment of cancer but also in the therapy of keloids and some dermatological conditions and in counteracting the body's physiological rejection of transplanted organs.

External radiation therapy

Radiation therapy that focuses high-energy rays from a machine on the area of the tumor.
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Keywords: cervical cancer, treatment, cervical cancer treatment, radiation, radiation therapy, external radiation therapy, chemotherapy
Exhibit 1-3: Features of Linear Accelerator and Gamma-Ray Systems Used for External Radiation Therapy and SRS
Pointing to recent headlines expressing concerns about radiation safeguards Mohler stated, "The panel thought it was important that the guidelines address the increased side effects of high dose external radiation therapy (XRT) when it is not given with rigorous quality controls," stated Dr.
ProCure Treatment Centers has partnered with Radiation Medicine Associates and Radiation Oncology Associates, two leading radiation oncology practices in Oklahoma City to bring proton therapy, the most advanced form of external radiation therapy for treating cancer available today, to Oklahoma where it was determined there was a significant need for increased availability of the treatment.
Standard treatment of patients (women) with stage IIB-IVA cervical cancer consists of internal and external radiation therapy plus chemotherapy.

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