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Caption: Figure 4: Left iliac arteriogram after left internal iliac embolization and placement of an 8 mm x 5 cm Gore[R] Viabahn[R] stent from the mid left common iliac artery to the proximal external iliac artery shows no opacification of the left internal iliac artery and elimination of the left internal iliac arterioureteral fistula.
Conclusions: Performing separate anastomoses for multiple renal arteries of the donor with the external iliac artery of the recipient in renal transplant surgery is a safe, easy to perform and practical with minimal complications.
Endovascular stenting of the external iliac artery with renal transplant artery exclusion can be considered in emergency situations of acute rupture with adjunctive percutaneous drainage of the retroperitoneal hematoma or subsequent open surgical drainage and transplant nephrectomy once the patient's condition stabilizes.
Rare arterial variation: a common trunk from the external iliac artery for the obturator, inferior epigastric and profunda femoris arteries.
Crispin HA, Boghemans JP: Thrombosis of the external iliac artery following total hip replacement: A case report.
In our study, one patient suffered brachial thrombosis and another experienced an external iliac artery rupture.
However, CAD has been reported to occur in young children and deep vessels (which are presumably more protected) such as the external iliac artery.
The intraoperative iatrogenic injuries were affected the inferior vena cava in three patients, left renal vein in 1, external iliac artery in 4, common carotid artery in 3, and internal carotid artery in
The inclusion criteria were: (1) normal, stenotic, or stented TRA diagnosed with CTA; (2) TRA anastomosed to external iliac artery in an end-to-side manner; and (3) the degree of artery stenosis over 70% (defined as severe TRAS).
9) observed that testicular artery arose from the abdominal aorta, inferior and posterior to the origin of the right renal artery, and passed posterior to the inferior vena cava and right renal vein; it then arched anterior to the inferior pole of the right kidney and descended anterior to the psoas major muscle, crossing anterior to the genitofemoral nerve, ureter and the proximal part of the external iliac artery.
Angiography showed a small sized pseudo-aneurysm of the right external iliac artery and a fistula tract between the pseudoaneurysm and Wallace type ureteral anostomosis (Fig.