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source, extended 

A source consisting of many point sources separated laterally and such that it has a very low degree of coherence. Thus, an extended source has a given size and subtends a given angle. See coherent sources; beam of light; diffuse light.
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The standards indicate that the maximum safe power level, called the Accessible Emission Limit (AEL) entering the eye from a point source such as a laser at a typical infrared wavelength is around three quarters of a milliwatt, whereas the AEL from an extended source such as a LED transmitter can be up to ten times greater.
Network performance and availability are optimized with DLC Termination and TCP/IP Transport, Extended Source Route Bridge ensures network interoperability and connectivity.
The Extended Source Route Bridge feature is fully interoperable with IBM source route bridges, ensuring interoperability while extending source route bridging capabilities.
User benefits include, instantaneous route-around link failure, extended source route bridging hop count, reduced WAN overhead, and network consolidation.
User benefits include route- around link failure, extended source route bridging hop count and better response time.
Key features include, route-around link failure, extended source route bridging hop count, reduced WAN overhead through local data link termination (SDLC-LLC2), and NetBIOS name caching.
for work described in their NASA research announcement proposal entitled "Improving Phased Array Techniques to Account for Extended Sources of Fan and Jet Noise.
Shirley, Revised formulas for diffraction effects with point and extended sources, Appl.

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