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source, extended 

A source consisting of many point sources separated laterally and such that it has a very low degree of coherence. Thus, an extended source has a given size and subtends a given angle. See coherent sources; beam of light; diffuse light.
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Experimental and simulated efficiency of a HPGe detector with pointlike and extended sources.
Scene generation -- the third level of simulation -- excels at modeling extended sources and entire scenes.
Shirley, Revised formulas for diffraction effects with point and extended sources, Appl.
As of this writing, the positions and brightness of 162 million point sources (mainly stars) and 600,000 extended sources (mainly galaxies) were available online.
Caltech's Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) continues to transform the terabytes of raw data into finished images and lists of pointlike and extended sources.
extended sources there is frequently a tiny radio source located at the nucleus of the galaxy in question.
A reticle with half the disk 50% transmissive, as shown in Figure 3,(3) tends to give extended sources (such as clouds) a direct current (DC) signal while retaining the pulsed signal from point (target) sources.
That's because most natural emissions come from extended sources on the sky.

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