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Note that the asymmetric cash requirements between exportable and importable goods generate a consumption distortion, measured by the size of [[phi].
Whomever is calling for an increased domestic coffee production to abolish Colombian imports should take the following information into consideration: the relationship between exportable to undergrade coffee volumes is currently 10 to 1.
Therefore in order to estimate exportable surplus of mango for a particular year, following technique was used Exportable surplus - Production - Wastage - Industrial usage - Consumption.
In addition, the Prime Minister also assured the APTMA leadership of measures for encouraging further investment under the textile policy for creating jobs and production of exportable surplus in country.
We assume that the economy uses both capital and labor to produce exportable goods and non-traded goods while importable goods are imported from abroad.
The WSA features include access to online HelpDesk 24x7, online calibration certificates, exportable service history for all your WSA equipment, and a technical library featuring material testing information, technical manuals, insider testing tips and solutions for common testing issues as well as a searchable database of FAQs, technical literature and informational links.
Maki states that their building methods are not exportable and is extremely gloomly about the future for Japanese architecture.
Army's Battery Computer System, exportable SINCGARS radio, Advanced Gunnery Training System and Corps Battle Simulation.
Further south, the rocky performance of Brazil's real in recent years has limited big sales-and-profits companies to only eight producers of exportable goods, such as chemicals and steel.
World exportable coffee production reached an estimated 81.
Programmes cover more than 1,200 tonnes this season, virtually half of the exportable production based in Upper Galilee.
The video images of exportable goods (cotton, coffee, indigo) in Martinique artist Marc Latamie's installation cunningly refer to Degas' The Office of the Cotton Merchant in New Orleans and, echoing Judge Sachs' call to take inspiration in the raw materials of Africa, evoke economic transformation.