exponential growth

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log·a·rith·mic phase

exponential, a period in the course of growth of a bacterial culture in which maximal multiplication is occurring by geometric progression; thus, if the logarithms of their numbers are plotted against time, they will form a straight upward line.

exponential growth

strictly speaking that of a population where rate of growth is proportional to its population size, but is often used to mean an ever increasing growth.
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This article explores the social and technological effect termed exponential growth, contemplates how it affects military systems and technological strategy, and considers a number of related problems in aligning technological strategy with an exponentially growing technology base.
In such a context, to speak of exponential growth or its equivalent invites misunderstanding unless such growth is linked to the growth of the population that produces the information.
In maintaining an active role in what is estimated to be over a one billion direct secondary market, Saints has seen exponential growth in almost every year of business since the company was formed in 2000.
Thomson, author of the recently released "Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth," will be the event's distinguished speaker.
Technology, such as Archivas ArC software, eases three of today's most pressing IT burdens: the exponential growth of online data, the need to manage and protect all of this data for longer and longer periods of time and the need to quickly locate and retrieve data for regulatory and litigation discovery.
The board recognizes Kevin Gilroy's extensive experience in managing exponential growth for one of America's leading corporations and his deep background in the technology sector," said Alan Weber, founding investor and member of OnForce's Board of Directors.
As an existing Motricity investor, we continue to believe that Motricity is the company best suited to address this emerging market and achieve exponential growth in the coming years.
BOSTON -- Yankee Group today announced that the worldwide talent management market is experiencing exponential growth and will reach more than $4.
MLN is experiencing exponential growth, particularly in the Alt-A/Non-Conforming market," said MLN's CEO Mitch Heffernan.
We are privileged to have Rob join our senior team, and look forward to exponential growth as JackBe continues to deliver innovative AJAX solutions for enterprise customers, ISVs, and systems integrators.
Described as an intellectual powerhouse that delivers breakthrough thinking, The Joey Company is sought after by clients who are looking for exponential growth and a service ethic that exceeds their wildest expectation.

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