exponential distribution

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ex·po·nen·tial dis·tri·bu·tion

the time until failure of a process at constant hazard.
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There has been no mention of the exponential distribution per se.
The objects are balls and their radii follow independent exponential distributions with mean 1/a
Kulshrestha, Relations for marginal and joint moment generating functions of Erlang-truncated exponential distribution generalized order statistics and characterization, Open journal of Statistics (to appear), (2012).
It is assumed that the smaller headways of vehicles driving in platoons are represented by a single headway [DELTA] (min headway), while free vehicles follow a shifted exponential distribution.
The signal x is generated by first generating an integer index i [member of] [1, n] with a uniform distribution, and then constructing the component x(i) by an exponential distribution with mean 0 and standard deviation A.
Therefore, for the conditions observed in the field study section and based on literature review, negative exponential distribution was selected as the mathematical model to fit the observed headway data.
Sanjari Farsipour, Exact likelihood inference based on an unified hybrid censored sample from the exponential distribution, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 78 no.
journals and books, follows a negative exponential distribution in all the fields under study.
We assume that lead time demand for the period for the ith item is a random variable which follows exponential distribution.
She details summarization of statistical data, article displays, conditional probability, posterior probability and the Bayes approach, reliability, distributions (discrete, geometric, binomial, hypergeometric, Poisson, continuous, normal and exponential), sampling inspection schemes, application of the exponential distribution, and process control.
Markov analytical approach is limited, sometimes hard to apply and it needs the assumption of an exponential distribution for the random variables TBF and TCM.