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The Iams Pet Imaging Center is the first of its kind on the West Coast and will provide veterinarians and pet owners access to powerful technology and expertise to help diagnose soft tissue injuries, tumors, and other conditions that previously required invasive exploratory surgery.
Because imaging was not an option, one patient who suffered trauma underwent exploratory surgery in lieu of noninvasive imaging.
A small break was then discovered and eventually corrected by exploratory surgery.
They also observed an exploratory surgery of a mysteriously ill cat that resulted in a giant hairball being plucked from the cat's stomach and intestines.
Mr Timms was last night recovering in the Royal London Hospital where he was due to have exploratory surgery on his wounds, that were said to be not life-threatening.
In this case, Devlin Bowman suffered hours of excruciating abdominal pain before doctors conducted exploratory surgery and found that two of the tiny magnets he had swallowed had attracted to each other in his intestine.
The Kilmarnock striker suffered the injury while playing against Celtic on October 29 and had exploratory surgery last week.
But she ended up having three operations - one was life-saving after she suffered two brain haemorrhages during exploratory surgery.
Geordie skipper Lee Clark has returned to training after undergoing exploratory surgery on his troublesome right calf but the trip to Bolton has arrived too early for the midfielder to make his comeback.
She was reported to be in a stable condition after having exploratory surgery near her left eye.
A scan and exploratory surgery revealed the full extent of the injury and Wiles immediately underwent a four-hour operation.
McEwan took X-rays, but instead of waiting 12 hours for blood tests to return, he made an educated guess and decided to do exploratory surgery immediately.