exploratory laparotomy

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exploratory laparotomy

Surgery A 'look-see' operation usually of the peritoneal cavity, in which the surgeon examines all surfaces for lesions–eg, abscesses and tumor nodules; during EL, the operator may biopsy the tissue or obtain peritoneal washings from which a specimen for cytology is processed Indications Surgical staging of regional malignancy–eg, ovarian CA Complications Adhesion formation, especially if Pts receive RT. See Laparoscopy.


incision through the flank or, more generally, through any part of the abdominal wall.

exploratory laparotomy
for the purpose of physically examining the contents of the peritoneal cavity.
laparotomy grid
see grid incision.
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Therefore, the pregnancy was terminated and an exploratory laparotomy was undertaken to rule out intraabdominal bleeding.
Most of the times, surgeons perform an exploratory laparotomy with provisional diagnosis other than pyometra perforation.
Exploratory laparotomy was performed with a vertical midline incision.
However, because of the persistence and intensity of the symptoms, she had an exploratory laparotomy 24 hours later, which also did not reveal a source of the symptoms.
On March 14, 2003, an exploratory laparotomy was performed on Daria.
Appendix anomalies may have grave consequences if overlooked during an operation, or have forensic implications where a second exploratory laparotomy reveals a 'previously removed' vermiform appendix.
Subsequently, biopsy of the retroperitoneal mass was obtained though exploratory laparotomy.
He performed emergency surgery, which consisted of "an exploratory laparotomy, extensive lysis of inflammatory adhesion, appendectomy, peritoneal irrigation and drainage of peritonitis and subphrenic abscess.
and exploratory laparotomy, since it may result in complete resection of
By comparison, in tumor patients that underwent only exploratory laparotomy (surgical incision through the abdomen), the preoperative level of gastrin did not rise postoperatively.
Over the last years, treatment has shifted from exploratory laparotomy in all patients to conservative treatment in selected patients.
An exploratory laparotomy was performed and the enlarged, thin-walled ruptured mucocele of the appendix was resected.

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