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The company received an exploratory drilling license and is waiting for the approval of the Northern District Committee to begin operations.
Although, contribution of the exploratory wells had slightly declined to 36pc as against 39pc in the same period last year, the overall trend was heart-warming.
Onshore exploratory well drilling in Austria, split by exploration and appraisal to 2015
To accomplish this objective, it is envisioned that a Construction Center would 1) conduct hypothesis-driven exploratory research related to occupational safety and health of construction workers; 2) develop, implement, and evaluate model programs for the prevention of illness and injury among construction workers; and 3) develop, implement, and evaluate translation projects for the adoption of new and existing knowledge into construction settings.
This percentage was between the normal range of 45% to 52% normally found in exploratory factor analyses (Henson, Capraro, & Capraro, in press; Henson & Roberts, in press).
The objective is to get a score of fish, to get passengers interested,'' Ekstrom said of exploratory trips.
Geoscientists say the exploratory hole will provide a unique opportunity for basic science experiments.
Onshore exploratory well drilling in Brazil, split by exploration and appraisal to 2015
Former Governor Mitt Romney's exploratory committee recruited the PermissionTV platform to launch MittTV on its web site.
I am highly honored that they are joining the exploratory committee.
Because of the exploratory nature of this observational study, we did not apply multiplicity correction on an overall significance level to obtain a significance level per test.
Based on the successful completion of the Weyerhaeuser #5-22 well drilled in the Arkoma Basin during the third quarter, the company elected to participate in the Weyerhaeuser #6-22, an offset exploratory well currently completing.

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