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Abiomed's new cannula system provides an enhanced benefit since patients will not require a second sternotomy during off-pump explantations.
24,30) In cases of autopsy or cardiac explantation it is important to sample the heart thoroughly, as myocarditis can be a focal process.
possibility of mesh sepsis, mesh explantation and wound complications.
50/2016, for ~ custody of the air transport service of health bodies and teams for ~ explantation and transplantation activities for healthcare organizations of the Region of Tuscany.
12) reported secondary inflammation as the most common indication for the explantation of anterior chamber IOLs.
19) The decision to leave the capsule versus capsulectomy with explantation is surgeon preference, with consideration for capsulectomy also given to the initial implant and whether the capsule can be removed in its entirety.
McLaughlin, "The diagnosis of breast implant rupture: MRI findings compared with findings at explantation," European Journal of Radiology, vol.
Modern practice recurs to device explantation as a last resort, namely when dealing with rebellious infections or when patients decide to abort the reconstructive procedure [31, 32].
Extending the scope of information with the details specifying the consequences of explantation on the part of the donor is supposed to make the recipient aware of the fact that their decision concerns not only themselves but also causes some implications for another person.
Following the criticism, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, sought an explantation from the hockey federation and sports department for the poor performance.
National Poetry Month Celebration "Read a Favorite Poem Celebration,'' read a favorite poem and give a short explantation why it's special.
Abdominal reoperation and mesh explantation following open ventral hernia repair with mesh.