experimental method

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ex·per·i·men·tal meth·od

in experimental psychology, control of environmental, physiologic, or attitudinal factors to observe dependent changes in aspects of experience and behavior.
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The first comparison was between experimental methods: using stand and PULSE program and the standard experimental method for the determination of curve Cz considered as quality tool for planetary gears, the results of the comparison between methods is presented on Fig.
In a previous WIDERAngle, we focused on the contributions and limits of experimental methods in the study of government performance, building on preliminary findings from UNU-WIDER's project on this topic.
The time course of stress cycle can be determined using experimental methods, flexibility, numerical solution methods based on theoretical modeling and the flexibility and numerical simulation using numerical methods.
This article presents the comparison between the results obtained by the analytical, FEM and experimental methods, while studying the size of the crack opening and its contour curve in case of cyclical symmetrical loading of a specimen, and depending on the cycle number and loading level.
Research on market design is influenced by ideas from industrial organization and microeconomic theory; it brings together theoretical, empirical, and experimental methods, with an aim of studying policy-relevant tradeoffs with practical consequences.
Gamry Instruments, Warminster, PA, is sponsoring the Short Course on Corrosion: Fundamentals and Experimental Methods, which will be held June 10-15, 2007, at Penn State University in State College, PA.
He joined the band in the early 1970s after meeting Tom Scholz, an MIT student interested in experimental methods of recording music, according to the group's official Web site.
ALTHOUGH THE religious use of mushrooms containing the psychedelic drug psilocybin dates back thousands of years, early practitioners were not familiar with controlled, double-blind experimental methods.
Don't expect just a progressive 'how to' here, though instructions are such when necessary: also included as background history of surface-pattern design, analysis of pattern structures, tips on using experimental methods of working from paper onto fabric, and details on equipment and techniques for different dying and printing processes.
Researchers in academia and industry who wish to explore the capabilities of modern analytical X-ray methods and instrumentation can reserve laboratory time for instrument training, experimental methods development, and open access instrument usage.
First, the four centers work together as a network in which experimental methods are coordinated in order to maximize the pooling and comparison of the data generated.
Journal of Instrumentation" covers major areas related to concepts and instrumentation in detector physics, accelerator science and related experimental methods and techniques, theory, modeling and simulations.

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