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The act of expending; an amount expended or used up.
[L. ex-pendo, to weigh out, pay]
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The TAM avers that there was "no condition necessitating the expenditure outside of the normal wear and tear attributable to the use of the engine.
9] Physician fee increases and/or volume increases that cause expenditure growth rates to exceed the targeted Performance Standard Rate would lead to a mandatory reduction of the following year's physician fee increase by the same percentage amount by which the target was exceeded, barring specific congressional action.
The results suggest that expenditure on clothing for girls is generally higher than for boys, and expenditure on clothing for mothers higher than that for fathers.
Current expenditure has been estimated to be higher than the revised estimates for FY14 by
American Stores responded that in numerous cases the courts allowed a company to deduct expenditures incurred to defend its business and policies.
Thus, unlike the costs incurred in Plainfield-Union, the costs incurred to remove asbestos from the taxpayer's boiler house did not return the property to the state that it was in before the condition necessitating the expenditure arose.
The Consumer Expenditure Survey provides a continuous and comprehensive flow of data on the expenditures, income, and other selected characteristics of American consumers.
Under this simplifying assumption, taxpayers will not be required to capitalize an expenditure unless it creates or enhances intangible rights or benefits that extend beyond the earlier of (1) 12 months after the first date on which the taxpayer realizes the expenditure's rights or benefits or (2) the end of the tax year following the tax year in which the taxpayer incurs the expenditure.
II) EXPENDITURE (a + b)###3,478,354###4,057,293###4,301,746
Similarly, an amount of Rs619,343,000 has been approved for Press Information Department, Rs806,631,000 for Information Services Abroad, Rs5,649,741,000 for other expenditure of Information and Broadcasting, Division, Rs100,8963,000 for National History and Literary Heritage Division, Rs3,701,412,000 for Information Technology and Telecommunication Division, Rs1,785,197,000 for Inter Provincial Coordination Division, Rs346,282,000 for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division, Rs28,872,000 for other expenditures of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division while an amount of Rs238,871,000 has been approved for Gilgit Baltistan.
The Chief Minister tabled the demand for grant for seeking approval for expenditure of over Rs 6 billion on head of Levies.