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The act of expending; an amount expended or used up.
[L. ex-pendo, to weigh out, pay]
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This resulted in the selection of twelve and one lags for EXPEND and GDPN.
By reducing air resistance, the newest Swift Skin helps skaters expend less energy fighting drag.
To gain weight (lean-body mass), the athlete must consume more calories than he expends.
The Secretary may not obligate or expend any of the above funds until fifteen days after the submission of a certification to Congress, to include:
It is not cost-effective for entities that expend less than $300,000 to have comprehensive A-133 audits.
What manager is willing to expend funds on a department that is, at best, only 35% productive?
ISLAMABAD, March 10, 2011 (Frontier Star): CDA has decided to expend Rs 500 million on development work in five sectors of federal capital.
Truman's aircraft flew 176 flight hours and conducted roughly 16 straight hours of flight deck operations, all without the need to expend ordnance.
Jurisdictions continued, as authorized, to expend funds beyond the budget period for which they were awarded.