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All sprint performance variables and analysis of expectorate volume were assessed using paired t-tests.
The failure of the sputum test is greatly affected by the quality of the sputa collected related to the inability of the patient to expectorate.
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At no time during the progress of the game shall the pitcher be allowed to (1) apply a foreign substance of any kind to the ball; (2) expectorate either on the ball or his glove; (3) to rub the ball on his glove, person or clothing; or (4) to deface the ball in any manner or to deliver what is called the "shine" ball, "spit ball," mud ball or emery ball.
Yes, it is a step that might have been considered unbelievable a few years ago - but let us ponder instead why society is in such a state that too many people's instinctive response to a parking ticket is to expectorate at the person handing it out.
He broke off to expectorate loudly and thickly into the Taff.
Adults simply place a packet anywhere in their mouth where it's comfortable, to enjoy tobacco satisfaction," Schwartz says, "and unlike other smokeless products, most adult smokers who've tried Revel say they don't feel the need to expectorate.
The flow control switch allows you to regulate the force of the jets, and the pause button allows you to suspend operations while you move the tip to another part of your mouth or if you have to expectorate.
Users of chewing tobacco and snuff must expectorate the residue, which is why these products are called "spit" tobacco.
The root was reputed to be "warming and comforting" and was recommended for coughs, to expectorate phlegm and to ease breathing.
Phlegm is said to be either substantial or insubstantial, meaning that it can either be the mucous we expectorate and drool or a kind of "fog" that blocks the sensory, organs.