expectation of life

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ex·pec·ta·tion of life

(ek-spek-tā'shŭn līf),
The average number of years of life an individual of a given age is expected to live if current mortality rates continue to apply; a statistical abstraction based on existing age-specific death rates.

expectation of life

expectation of life

an epidemiological expression of the probability of dying between one age and the next. Based on the human cohort life table which describes the actual mortality experience of a group of animals which were all born at the same time.

Patient discussion about expectation of life

Q. what is the life expectancy of a person with chronic bronchioectasis

A. depends on how severe are the infections...how your body reacts to those infections and what is the cause of those infections (cystic fibrosis??). i think only the therapist treating you can estimate. and even so - there are ways to prevent recurring infections. can slow the process of destruction and even stop it completely.

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Want probability of death at each future lifespan in order to calculate expectation of life.
The expectation of life for the mosquitoes after emergence was 17.
Expectation of life 73 for smoker and 74 for non-smoker.
Whether sketching the demographic tale through the experience and expectation of life and death (Jeremy Goldberg) or considering the contact of the English with peoples and places beyond their borders (Robin Frame), the impact of social relations on personal decisions and life consequences is always present.
It has been written elsewhere that at the turn of the century, 1801, the general population had little expectation of life changing dramatically in the century to come.
In the developed world during the last decade, the use of antiretrovitals (drugs which prevent the virus from further damaging the immune system) has dramatically improved the quality and expectation of life of HIV-infected patients.
The blockade of Iraq has raised infant mortality by two and a half times and lowered the expectation of life by six years.
LORD BACH: Two studies by the National Radiological Protection Board have shown that "in general, participation in the test programme has had no detectable effect in the participants' expectation of life, or their risk of developing cancer or other fatal diseases.
A Treasury memo dated July 1970, said: "Any calculation has to take account of such imponderables as the expectation of life of the Queen Mother and the matrimonial prospects of Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.
YOUR surgeon will choose a valve that will outlast your normal expectation of life.
Pain and suffering, loss of amenities of life, and loss of expectation of life, the components of non-pecuniary damages, are not objectively measurable, so the amount awarded for these losses is necessarily arbitrary.
His attempt to apply an expectation of life formula to collection management is not unlaudable in itself, but he looked at average life expectancy in a stationary population.