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In probability theory and statistics, interchangeable with mean or average; it need not be a probable or even possible value. For instance, the expected number of children in completed families may be 2.53, but that is not a possible size of any actual family.


in statistics refers to the expectation as predicted by the relevant formula or model.

expected frequency
see expected frequency.
expected value
see expected value.

Patient discussion about expected

Q. What to expect from a Parkinson's patient? My 70 year old father has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. What will he be like from now on, what to expect?

A. Some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease are:
• Trembling of hands, arms, legs, jaw and face
• Stiffness of the arms, legs and trunk
• Slowness of movement
• Poor balance and coordination
The symptoms usually get worse with time and then people with the disease may have trouble walking, talking or doing simple tasks.

Q. Curious as to what to expect with menopause

A. Menopause symptoms are caused due to rapid decline in hormonal levels- especially estrogen. You should expect to experience a variety of symptoms, that may be unpleasant such as hot flashes, palpitations, night sweats, vaginal atrophy (drying), skin drying, slight decrease in sexual drive, mood changes, urgency in urination and more. Not all women have these symptoms, and usually woman don't have all the symptoms.

Q. What kind of health complications I should expect if I have Psoriasis? i recently was diagnosed with Plaque Psoriasis- will it affect other organs in my body? Are there any complications I should worry about?

A. Patients suffering from psoriasis may also suffer from arthritis of various type, and also accelerated atherosclerosis (i.e. heart diseases). However, I don't think that the approach should what should you worry about, but rather you may consult your doctor to see what you can do to control the disease and maybe feel better about it.

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The committee expects a close to double digit increase in capital spending to lead next year's economic growth, along with moderately higher consumer spending.
While the housing slowdown will affect top and bottom line results, Fitch does not expect excessive pressure on earnings and cash flow.
In 2007 Fitch expects that as margins continue to be squeezed while acquisition and capital spending remain close to historical levels, shareholder unrest will continue.
However, the defense companies can expect a less friendly environment in Washington as a result of the election.
NASDAQ: ROCK) said today that even though it expects to report record sales and earnings from continuing operations in 2006, its fourth-quarter results will not be as strong as previously expected due to a sharper-than-projected slowdown in sales to the retail and new-build housing market and continued softness in its automotive business.
Consequently, we expect to report pro-forma operating income much lower than originally anticipated.
including the risk that these difficulties could prevent or delay our realization of the cost savings and other benefits we expect to achieve as a result of these integration efforts and the risk that we will be unable to continue to retain key employees;
At the same time, several sources also say they expect virgin resin use to decline as recycled material cuts into its market, particularly in bottles for household/industrial chemicals and motor oil.
While this provides a picture of how custom processors expect their automotive business to fare in relation to their other work, we also asked the survey participants to indicate what they foresee happening specifically to the dollar volume of their automotive business in the '90s.
While we expect, and have experienced, volatility in medical expense ratio with our relatively small membership, the combination of catastrophic cases and higher than expected utilization has caused us to more quickly undertake a number of initiatives aimed at driving our medical expense performance to expected and acceptable levels.
With the pursuit of new market segments combined with unseasonably higher media rates, we expect to see moderately higher customer acquisition costs in first quarter 2007 on a year-over-year basis.
Farm Machinery and Equipment - Although the 1st quarter exceeded forecasts, manufacturers expect a 13% decline in tractor shipments along with reductions in the related equipment.