thermal expansion

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ther·mal ex·pan·sion

(thĕrmăl eks-panshŭn)
Enlargement caused by heat.
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Including the volume expansivity in the derivation leading to Equation (11) tends to reduce the effect of pressure difference on enthalpy (except in those rare situations where the volume expansivity is negative).
On the other hand, the impact of pressure drop and volume expansivity on the computed heat transfer rate can be more significant for other liquids.
As shown in Figure 12, the volume expansivity of the propylene glycol solution has a larger effect than for water, but the impact is still relatively mild--only 9-13% of the pressure drop effect that is at most 10% of the total heat transfer rate per Figure 10.
The isobaric linear thermal expansivity is defined as [[alpha].
Thermal expansivity can be explained in terms of anharmonic vibrations of the polymer chains.
Figure 7 shows that the linear expansivity [[alpha].
In polymeric materials the thermal transitions are accompanied by changes in the isobaric expansivity [also known as the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)] of the material.
The premise for analyzing the effect of changing stress levels on the expansivity is based on the work of Tschoegl and Filler (22) on EPDM.
Thermophysical evaluation of the expansivity of the material reveals the strong effect of PE in blends of PP and EPDM.
The linear thermal expansivity at 25 [degrees] C, calculated by the method previously described (11), has an accuracy of 6%.
Since the thermal conductivity and thermal expansivity of the blends are closely related to the aspect ratio and alignment of the LCP fibrils and the molecular chain orientation within the fibrils, we will first describe the morphology and molecular orientation.
The highly oriented skin layer, though very thin, has a negative expansivity and high axial stiffness comparable to those of the highly drawn rod ([Lambda] [congruent] 15), thus constraining the expansion of the core region.