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A state of optimism, loquacity, and reactivity.
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He said the new plants used mills waste called filter mud which was only three percent of total crushing could save expansive bagasse which could be used in expansive paper pulp, chip board and other artificial woods.
The central bank of Kuwait has called for more expansive reforms in the banking sector.
The study was undertaken to determine the psychological experience of viewing and enacting expansive as compared to constricted body postures, like sitting with hands under thighs or standing with arms wrapped around one's body.
It's fantastic to see that a highly specialized game like theHunter can attract such a large audience in such a short time", said Expansive Worlds CEO Pim Holfve.
developing Type K expansive cement as its technical director.
HERRINGTON Hill House is a luxurious and expansive Georgian country home.
TONY Mowbray (above) admits he's still trying to find the balance between expansive football and a more pragmatic style.
Chatterjee's rigorous introduction announces what a more expansive and historically grounded history of the family might look like.
Exploring the evidence of how psychedelic-occasioned mystical experiences may boost the human immune system, Psychedelic Horizons provides readers with an informative comprehension of Stansislav Grof's view of the mind as a way to understand art, psychedelics adding new cognitive programs to our thinking skills, and an expansive redefinition of intelligence and what it means to be well-educated.
Deftly authored to inform readers of the author's incredible thirty-year-study conducted for the purpose of understanding this unique superconducting particle, Philosophers Stone deftly covers how it works, its effects, and the expansive abilities which it possesses.
Miers continued the expansive interpretation of presidential powers favored by her predecessor, Alberto Gonzales, who backed Bush's authority to hold terrorist suspects without trial, as well as the White House's right to withhold more administration documents from public disclosure than in the past.