expansion component

expansion component,

n a manual therapy element which advocates manipulating the body and its energies with hands-on techniques including pulling, lifting, and rolling to encourage opening and separation of constricted body parts.
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As part of the GO expansion component of Metrolinxs Regional Transportation Plan, Metrolinx plans to modernize southern Ontarios GO Train system by adding stations, increasing system capacity, introducing 25-kV electrification, replacing its diesel locomotives with electrified locomotives, immunizing its existing fixed-block signaling system to the 25-kV traction power supply system, and deploying Enhanced Train Control (ETC) on the GO corridor and its train fleet.
Rgenix plans to enroll subsequent dose-escalation cohorts of the RGX-104 monotherapy trial in Q4 2017,and to initiate the Phase 1b expansion component of the study, comprised of disease directed cohorts receiving RGX-104 monotherapy as well as cohorts receiving RGX-104 combined with a CPI, projected to begin in 1H 2018.
To spare future administrations from similar issues, we are incorporating an infra expansion component into the operations contract that we will bid out in December," Abaya said.
Once the MTD has been established, up to 10 additional patients will be enrolled at the MTD in the dose expansion component of the trial.
The ruling means that the coverage expansion elements of the ACA, including the individual mandate and expansion of Medicaid eligibility, remain intact for the moment, and gives states greater control over the Medicaid expansion component of the legislation.
The developer of the 22-megawatt San Carlos solar power facility in the Visayas grid has tapped bridge financing from the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) for the expansion component of its planned capacity.
The trial consisted of two steps, a dose escalation component and a dose expansion component.
The 1st phase includes - Increased component C: Level C2 (ICU) / level C 3 (ward);- Remodeling / expansion component C: level C-KG (Central Locker) / level C-EC (ward);- Extension path system: connecting corridor to the main building for the levels C1 to C3.
The primary objective of the dose expansion component of the study is to make a preliminary assessment of the efficacy of TH-302 in combination with sunitinib as measured by the overall tumor response rate and progression-free survival.
7 billion (USD 420 Million) The transmission expansion component of the project seeks to build and enhance the transmission infrastructure, thereby increasing access to electricity in rural areas in Kenya.
Data Stick) will be an expansion component function of the SECURE[TM] Suite.
The Access Expansion component of the project will profit rural areas where economic activities and service provision are constrained by the lack of electricity.