expansion component

expansion component,

n a manual therapy element which advocates manipulating the body and its energies with hands-on techniques including pulling, lifting, and rolling to encourage opening and separation of constricted body parts.
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Conversion / expansion component C: C-level KG (Central Locker) / level C-EC (ward);
The gas processing expansion component of the Project is expected to cost approximately $105 million (gross) and increase capacity of the existing Resthaven Facility by an additional 100 MMcf/d (gross), bringing total capacity to 300 MMcf/d (gross).
Once the MTD has been established, up to 10 additional patients will be enrolled at the MTD in the dose expansion component of the trial.
The ruling means that the coverage expansion elements of the ACA, including the individual mandate and expansion of Medicaid eligibility, remain intact for the moment, and gives states greater control over the Medicaid expansion component of the legislation.
The trial consisted of two steps, a dose escalation component and a dose expansion component.
The 1st phase includes - Increase component C: Level C 2 (ICU) / Level C 3 (ward)- Renovation / expansion component C: Level C-KG (central locker) / C-level EC (ward)- Expansion way system: connecting corridor to the main building for the levels C1 to C3 The NGF is for the conversion area of 1,250 m2 / Gross volume 4,800 m3The NGF is for topping 1,500 m2 / gross volume 5.
The primary objective of the dose expansion component of the study is to make a preliminary assessment of the efficacy of TH-302 in combination with sunitinib as measured by the overall tumor response rate and progression-free survival.
Data Stick) will be an expansion component function of the SECURE[TM] Suite.
A major expansion component includes installation of a new high speed filling line that more than doubles current capacity.
9 billion credit facility also has an expansion component for up to $300 million in uncommitted term loans subject to certain terms and conditions.
With the mainline expansion component of the strategy now under way, our next priority will be to finalize discussions with shippers and CAPP on the Southern Access extension.
7 billion bitumen production expansion component of Stage 3, known as the Aurora 2 mine, already has been completed on time and only four per cent over budget and is currently operating according to plan.