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(eks'i-tŭs), The plural of this word is exitus, not exiti.
An exit or outlet; death.
[L. fr. ex-eo, pp. -itus, to go out]
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Exitus viewed by Plotinus is catastrophic, a downward plunge from divinity into an ever-increasing remoteness from it.
He used the coat of arms of the English Washingtons and their motto, Exitus acta probat, which has been translated as 'The end justifies the means,' but which actually declares, 'At the end of life my deeds will be approved.
How does one, for example, read the filioque into a model of the Trinity in which the Father and Son bestow the Holy Spirit upon each other, this being the framework by which one understands the exitus and reditus of all things relative to God in the economy of creation and redemption?
The company strives to produce consistent and approachable wines of excellent value from throughout California with its Redtree, Line 39, Backhouse, and Exitus wine brands.
Serial measurements of S100B of 11 patients could not be completed due to various reasons (4 exitus patients, early discharge of 7 patients who were lost to follow-up).
exitus Occupation Health Department and administrative documentation and digitization of Medical Records Department of Health-Dr Valencia.
Cuando separamos a los pacientes en funcion de que el germen causante de bacteriemia fuera meticilin resistente o no, y se comparo la estancia media, el cambio de cateter, el reingreso y el numero de exitus, se observo que la estancia media fue significativamente mayor en los pacientes con BRC producida por germen meticilin resistentes (SAM R y S.
rest" that immediately follow) the pattern of exitus and
Cocuk yogun bakim unitesinde izlenen 4 olgunun demografik ve klinik ozellikleri Ozellik Olgu 1 Olgu 2 Yas (ay), cinsiyet 132, E 3, K H1N1 (+) (+) Kronik hastalik Serebral Palsy [empty set] varligi MV Destegi (+) (+) Sonuc Exitus Taburcu Ozellik Olgu 3 Olgu 4 Yas (ay), cinsiyet 68, K 5, E H1N1 (-) (-) Kronik hastalik [empty set] Bronkopulmoner displazi, varligi premature dogum MV Destegi (-) (+) Sonuc Taburcu Taburcu E: Erkek, K: Kiz, MV: Mekanik ventilator Tablo 2.
9 Median age at the time of diagnosis (years) 8 Disease severity at the time of diagnosis Very severe 6 Severe 6 Moderate 6 Patients that received HDMP 9 Patients that responded to treatment 2 Number of immunotherapy courses 1 (hATG) 12 2 (hATG and rATG) 7 Treatment response (to hATG and rATG) Total response 5 Partial response - No response 7 Early Exitus 4 Result Alive without transfusion 7 Alive and dependent on transfusion 4 Early exitus 4 Exitus after the first course 2 Exitus after the second course 1
The material concerning his death is the longest for any emperor presented by Suetonius, which suggests, once again, that this exitus scene is of especial importance.