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Pertaining to a branch of philosophy, existentialism, concerned with the search for the meaning of one's own existence, that has been extended into existential psychotherapy.
[L. existentia, existence]


(ĕg′zĭ-stĕn′shəl, ĕk′sĭ-)
1. Of, relating to, or dealing with existence.
2. Based on experience; empirical.
3. Of or as conceived by existentialism or existentialists: an existential moment of choice.
4. Linguistics Of or relating to a construction or part of a construction that indicates existence, as the words there is in the sentence There is a cat on the mat.
n. Linguistics
An existential word or construction.

ex′is·ten′tial·ly adv.
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Nonetheless, some authors hold the notion that the time period of adolescence is when many people first encounter issues related to existentialism (Chessick, 1996; Damon, Menon, & Bronk, 2000; Ellsworth, 1999; Fry, 1998; Hacker, 1994).
6) It is at this point that the autho r begins to make his turn away from even Marxist ideology, enticed by the lure of existentialism.
Thus, existentialism calls us to live passionately, live responsibly, and live in such a way as to feel positive about life, rather than in despair.
The book also includes a concluding chapter titled 'Evaluation of Existentialism and Its Legacy' and several appendices containing brief explanations of some of the more important technical terms in existential thought.
The early Derrida held fast to rigorous critical positions in an effort to differentiate himself from metaphysical discourse and existentialism.
In Chimera/No Exit the existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre was rendered in more palpably emotional terms.
The story brings together elements of slapstick, existentialism, and slice-of-life realism to present an uproarious portrait of a garrulous Glaswegian as he wanders among the dropouts, drag queens, and other denizens of the city's lower-middle-class housing tracts.
Brown aims to provide a third way, neither positivistic nor romantic, by employing dialectic to mediate between structuralism (Levi-Strauss is the exemplar here) and existentialism (Sartre is Brown's man).
This text is useful in examining existentialism, theology, religious studies, and modern Jewish thought and theology.
It no longer seems pressing to decide to what extent existentialism can be phenomenological, or whether phenomenology leads one inevitably to existentialist views on the self and the world .
I would have said, and did, when pressed by my father-in-law for a definition over supper, that existentialism is putting yourself centre-stage and taking responsibility for your actions.
My heart doesn't lie in making Stan Brakhage movies about the theory of film and philosophy and existentialism,'' he says, referring to the director of nearly 380 experimental films.