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To present or show up with, such as a sign or symptom.
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It could be the life force is still there attached to all those exhibits.
The formula in cell M5, --PV(B15,J5,, K5*L5), computes the present value of the probability-weighted intrinsic value for the topmost terminal node (H5) in exhibit 1.
The proposed exhibit is by no means secular: It conveys a message of governmental endorsement of a very specific set of Judeo-Christian beliefs not shared by other religions or by many members of the Tulsa community," stated AU's letter.
The exhibit includes a sheet from a six-page handwritten letter--billed as Einstein's first scientific paper--which the 16-year-old boy mailed to his uncle.
It's a two-pronged, for-profit exhibit consisting of the multimedia "Chicano Now: American Expressions" and "Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge.
Even some innovative hotels and restaurants have opened exhibits, cashing in on the mania that has manifested itself in everything from butterfly hair clips and headbands to Martha Stewart cookie cutters.
There are scores of museums in New York, and no one associated with any of them had a good word to say about an exhibit that was under direct political attack.
In addition to live demonstrations and its hosting of multiple 1-hr classes on induction furnace maintenance that drew nearly 400 foundrymen, Inductotherm's exhibit showcased two new key developments.
So if you own or represent a small business and want to hob-nob with the decision-makers and exchange business cards with high-profile firms, reserve your general admission ticket or exhibit table for November 6th.
Taxpayers do not want to spend $40 million on one exhibit that is still not adequate for the animals being put in it," animal rights activist Catherine Doyle told a joint meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee and the Arts, Parks, Health and Aging Committee.
Add a few records to the table (select View, Datasheet View) as shown in exhibit 3, at left, and close both the database and Access.
Next year, these data and nearly a century's worth of paleontological findings will be incorporated into a renovated exhibit at the Smithsonian.