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To present or show up with, such as a sign or symptom.

exhibit (egzib´it),

n a paper, document, or object presented to a court during a trial or hearing as proof of facts, or as otherwise connected with the subject matter, and which, on being accepted, is marked for identification and considered a part of the case.
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We highlight these three principles because during the visits to the 46 exhibitory cases we have confirmed the lack of a communication project in most cases.
Various organizations under ministry of water resources are exhibiting their models and other exhibitory materials to showcase their activities and achievements.
However, as previously pointed out, these dances did not shift from being social dances to dances marked as significant Metis heritage in a cut and dried manner; nor do contemporary festival settings function as exhibitory sites alone.
Treating Hawthorne's works (alongside those of Melville, Stowe, and Whitman) in terms of nineteenth-century exhibitory practices allows us to see the writer in a fresh context, responding deeply to the cultural politics of his time.
What Frantz Fanon articulates here is a kind of spectacular anxiety, a phenomenon that flourishes in an exhibitory environment: not so much the emblematic theater, but rather the color-bound society in which the theater operates.
25) This seemed--at least at an exhibitory level--to have been successful, since following the establishment of their own collection, the Jewish Museum lent many objects to other institutions so that Judaica became frequently displayed in public museums.