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To present or show up with, such as a sign or symptom.

exhibit (egzib´it),

n a paper, document, or object presented to a court during a trial or hearing as proof of facts, or as otherwise connected with the subject matter, and which, on being accepted, is marked for identification and considered a part of the case.
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The EXHIBITORLIVE team is urging all attendees, exhibitors, and speakers to bring and donate new or used books or make a cash donation in the designated collection bin in The Square, just outside the exhibit area, during EXHIBITORLIVE 2016.
EXHIBITORLIVE will welcome first-time exhibitors from Canada, China, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, and the United Kingdom.
The show will feature exhibitors from Finland, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and two booths from Chinese industry groups.
The new product should go a long way toward satiating long-suffering exhibitors, many of which defied IMAX Corp.
Last year 20 percent of the show's exhibitors were Women Business Enterprises (WBEs); 25 percent were government agencies; and the rest were large and small companies providing construction and related services.
allows exhibitors to rent the pre-registered show list so they can send promotional materials to attendees.
This is an effective method because exhibitors can ask attendees for their badge, run it through their imprinter and have the necessary information to add to their database.
Lane and the other program sponsors invited rehabilitation businesses and professionals to the conference, added more time for students to visit the exhibitors, and widened the perspective of the conference.
Savvy show organizers know they are more successful with exhibitor retention if they help exhibitors improve the outcomes achieved through their exhibiting efforts.
For instance, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) Trade Show last year began giving its exhibitors marketing kits with tips for getting the most out of the show.
Learn more about many of these exhibitors now and throughout the year by visiting the ARMA 2003 Buyer's Guide at www.
If exhibitors don't make money or find customers at trade shows, they'll stop going to trade shows and won't buy booths.