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To present or show up with, such as a sign or symptom.

exhibit (egzib´it),

n a paper, document, or object presented to a court during a trial or hearing as proof of facts, or as otherwise connected with the subject matter, and which, on being accepted, is marked for identification and considered a part of the case.
References in classic literature ?
Here,” said the youth, throwing aside the rough over coat that he wore, and exhibiting a hole in his under-garment, through which large drops of blood were oozing.
A collection of specimens of English poetry, for the purpose of exhibiting the achievement of prose excellences by it (in their legitimate measure) is a desideratum we commend to Mr.
Also exhibiting mold components, mold bases, and specialty products like hydraulic unscrewing devices, and sequential markers.
Petersburg, Russia, currently is exhibiting impressionist and early modern paintings, with a particular emphasis on the overlap of the styles in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Exhibiting as part of the Italian Pavilion, IMF exhibited the nobake mold closing system being installed at Harrison Steel, which is thought to be the world's largest.
It is virtually a win/win situation for the exhibiting vendor, and many good surprises also await the savvy trade show visitor toting business cards.
GLOBALCOMM 2006 will feature 450 exhibiting companies, free keynote addresses and panels, paid conferences by the International Engineering Consortium, Light Reading/CMP Media, Telephony and other organizations, and co-location with OSP EXPO, the Outside Plant Exposition and Conference.
Also exhibiting a 40-in, flat die for polished film and sheet with new manually adjusted flexible lip.
All exhibiting companies have one main aim - to offer new developments to enable foundries to offer their customers cast products manufactured as quickly and flexibly as possible.
During these seminars, Skyline stresses six keys to successful exhibiting at trade shows:
That was to be the final exhibiting hall but Texas Christian University's Center for Texas Studies stepped in and financed a four-city traveling exhibit for the flags.
Exhibiting for the first time a dual-station, two-cavity, accumulator-head machine integrated into an automated production cell for LDPE seatbelt anchors.