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To present or show up with, such as a sign or symptom.

exhibit (egzib´it),

n a paper, document, or object presented to a court during a trial or hearing as proof of facts, or as otherwise connected with the subject matter, and which, on being accepted, is marked for identification and considered a part of the case.
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In addition to being exhibited he was a professional fighting animal.
The other exhibited him at full length, adorned in his surplice.
His dress was chiefly of skins, worn with the hair to the weather; a pouch and horn were suspended from his shoulders; and he leaned on a rifle of uncommon length, but which, like its owner, exhibited the wear of long and hard service.
Chicano art, he adds, is good enough to be exhibited in the major museums of New York and California, not because of someone's personal whim.
The primary purpose of this study was to assess the effects of an antecedent manipulation strategy on the severe challenging behaviors exhibited by children EBD.
The paintings are exhibited in a space designed by architect Rem Koolhaas, who used panels of rust-colored Cor-Ten steel to evoke the velvet walls of the State Hermitage Museum.
This recap of the technology and process advancements exhibited at CastExpo '02 provides foundrymen with a virtual 'tour' of what was new on the show floor in Kansas City.
These he exhibited in his own London art gallery, generating considerable controversy and in the process successfully establishing a "school" that is known as Young British Art, or "YBA," a movement defined entirely by his own purchases, exhibits, and sales.
Many of these flags will never be exhibited again because they are too fragile," says Dr.
This sampling of the new technology and enhancements exhibited at CastExpo '99 provides foundrymen with a recap of the show floor in St.
The centerpiece of the new exhibit is a 1 million-gallon tank showcasing fast-swimming animals that, due to their space requirements, have seldom been exhibited before.
history that the American flag has been exhibited using original flags to tell the story of our country's history," Zaricor said.